Golden Financial Alternative Lending Division was started by Todd Wilson after many years working in the mortgage industry. Getting his real estate license in 2001, Todd immediately began working on mortgages with a focus on hard money and alternative lending.

He quickly became a top producer in the brokerage where he worked. Then, looking to start something new, he ventured out on his own in 2007, just before the market imploded.

In spite of the poor timing, Todd started a hard money lending company, ARC Capital, with a couple of business partners. While the beginning was tough, they made it through and became one of the top private money/hard money lenders in the area. Being the only loan officer in his company, he was able to reach an average of closing more than 15 loans per month.

The experience of having the market fall apart and going through bankruptcy and foreclosure himself gave him a unique perspective in helping clients who have gone through tough times. He has an understanding and empathy that most loan officers and lenders never will.

Combining this experience with the desire to help others and the persistence necessary to find solutions to the most difficult situations, we have become excellent at structuring loans so that they benefit both the borrower and the lender.

Rather than just being an order-taker, we take the time to find out the details of your situation and what problem you are trying to solve. Getting this complete information makes it possible to find solutions where others can’t.

Knowing that those with bad credit, problem properties and difficulty proving income are constantly told they can’t get a loan, we focus on helping these people find solutions.

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